Company Profile | Gujarat Industrial Investment Corporation Limited
Company Profile | Gujarat Industrial Investment Corporation Limited

Company Profile


For the past three decades, GIIC has continually evolved to grow into a significant force in Gujarat’s industrial development. We stepped into increasingly bigger roles, broadened our horizons and indeed, redefined our very perspective to tune in to the needs of the spirit of enterprise.

GIIC opens access to the Power of Resource for every business enterprise. Through its thoughtfully designed services that address the wide-ranging needs of an organisation. Supporting its operation. Accelerating its pace of growth. GIIC - an able source of Resource.

Today, our achievements read out success of more than 4000 units covered under the Project Financing Portfolio, generating investment of over Rs.25,221.94 million. through an ever widening range of services. Besides as an Entrepreneur, we have promoted 59 projects relevant to the State’s economy catalyzing investment of more than Rs.17,000 Crs. Blue chip companies like Gujarat Gas Company Limited, Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Limited, Gujarat Ambuja Cement Limited, Gujarat Fluoro Chemicals Limited, Gujarat Venture Finance owe their parentage to GIIC.

GIIC was established in 1968 for catalyzing industrial development in state of Gujarat.

Landmarks in Area of Operation Year
Technicians Scheme, Project Financing (Term Loan) 1969
New Entrepreneurs Scheme, Equity Participation 1974
Joint/Associate Sector Concept 1977
Seed Capital Assistance 1982
Financial Services 1994
Thrust into Infrastructure Financing 1995
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